Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fun vs Funny

Foto: Non-native speakers often confuse the words "FUN" and "FUNNY."

Learn about the difference!


Foto: Prefixes

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To / For


Grammar videos

Grammar videos

This section offers you grammar practice in snack-size bites. Our Grammar Snack videos show the grammar being used in a natural way. A conversation-style explanation and interactive exercises will check that you can really use the language.

When to add -es to verbs

Foto: Here are a few more verbs ending with "s", "ch", "sh", "x" or "z":


Write sentences in the past simple with one or more of these words! 
If you want to be corrected please ask. Corrections will be made tomorrow.

Look - See - Watch

Foto: Look!  I have something for you to see.

Learn about the difference between LOOK, SEE and WATCH.


Foto: What's an interjection?  It's an exclamation, especially as a part of speech, e.g., ah! or dear me!.

For a bigger, clearer picture, download the PDF version:

Here's a good list of common interjections. To listen to them, go to Forvo for real human voices. Forvo also tells you if the person saying the word is British or American...! 

For example, here are a dozen people prononcing "Wow". My 2 favorites at     are
"Pronunciation by liatris (Female from Australia)"  and   leowarfare (Male from United States)
Click on the blur play buttons to listen.

Type any words you want to listen to in the box at the top on the right! You can find almost ANY word at Forvo, but there aren't a lot of interjections, because, they are, well... special.

Finally try to find one that is not in the list!

Everyday email language

Foto: Everyday email language.

Expressing an opinion

Foto: Several good ways to begin to give your opinion:

Phrasal verbs with run

Foto: Writing practice:
Type a complete sentence using one or more of  these phrasal verbs with "run". If you want to be corrected, please ask.